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My name is Jeremy Jersvig and I am honored and pleased to announce my candidacy for Loveland City Council, Ward 1. After a successful career in the U.S. Navy, my family and I became enamored with the City of Loveland and chose to plant roots and raise our children in this beautiful and friendly community. Ever since, I have been working to give back to the city that has given my family so much.

The call to public service is incumbent upon all of us, whether holding an official position or simply looking out for our neighbors. For me, service is a responsibility, a duty to protect the rights of the people and work to maintain the values our community holds dear. After the Navy, I carried this sense of duty to the city by volunteering on the Planning Commission for the past three years, with the better part of two years as Chairman. I have now been encouraged to run for city council to serve our community in an even greater capacity.

Our city is growing and changing, both of which are inevitable. It is how we handle those changes that will determine our future. Will we confront them head-on, taking proactive steps to ensure the landscape remains prosperous and enjoyable, or will we simply react to things and give up control to outside interests who do not hold the same values? I am ready to tackle issues head-on, working with my fellow council members, city staff, our boards and commissions, and the people of Loveland to safeguard the future of our city not just for now, but for our children and our children’s children for decades to come.

I am Jeremy Jersvig, candidate for City Council, Ward 1. Please join me to ensure a bright and prosperous future for those who call Loveland home.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017 12:00 AM

Coloradoan Candidate Scorecard

The Coloradoan offers a side-by-side of the candidates in Loveland.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 8:23 AM

Dave Clark - Recommendations for Loveland City Council

City Council elections are upon us again. We have an interesting slate of candidates to select from. Based on my past years of service on the City Council, I have come to understand that the council must review, discuss and make decisions on a myriad of issues from all aspects of our community. Many decisions are made, I believe, on what someone’s core beliefs are — which is a good thing. The important thing in this case is what their core beliefs are as pertaining to the proper role of government. The obvious two extremes are big government, where it controls almost everything in our lives, or little government, where it controls very little. The best answer(s) are often found somewhere in between.

Personally, I believe in a limited government as dictated in large part by our country’s Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. I believe we should vote for candidates that best reflect our own personal values, rather than who we are friends with. I personally know almost all of the candidates and are also friends with them. Here are the candidates who I support for City Council and I encourage you to consider voting for them as well:

• Mayor: Larry Heckel. I worked with Larry in the past on the council and I know his core beliefs are similar to mine.

• Ward 1: Jeremy Jersvig. He has strong conservative ideals.

• Ward 2: Gail Snyder. She has small business experience and understands how our local government can support all local businesses.

• Ward 3: Steve Olson. He has a financial background that really helps in evaluating budget requests.

• Ward 4: Dave Clark.
These are the individuals that I believe will best serve our city for the next four years.

Dave Clark City Council

Saturday, October 7, 2017 12:00 AM

Sarah Warnock: Realtors endorse Fogle, Jersvig, Snyder, Olson, Clark

The Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors (LBAR) is pleased to announce its endorsements in the 2017 City Council election. We support John Fogle (mayor), Jeremy Jersvig (Ward 1), Gail Snyder (Ward 2), Steve Olson (Ward 3) and Dave Clark (Ward 4). These candidates have the vision, experience and skills to represent our community and its citizens with integrity and compassion.

LBAR based its decisions on personal interviews, asking only questions related to real estate. These five candidates agree with LBAR's positions on key issues, including transportation and the belief that Loveland can best create new housing by allowing the free market to function and use incentives, not mandates, to encourage the creation of affordable housing products.

Fogle, Jersvig, Snyder, Olson and Clark support the rights of property owners, which is one of LBAR's core principles. Furthermore, they will keep the welfare of our residents as their top priority, while promoting the businesses who employ our people and create the revenues needed to keep Loveland healthy and prosperous.

Sarah Warnock
Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors

Thursday, October 5, 2017 12:00 AM

Mayor, City Council candidates answer business questions

Monday, October 2, 2017 7:33 AM

Jersvig would bring experience, understanding to council

Jersvig would bring experience, understanding to council

On Nov. 7, we have another opportunity to elect experienced and fiscally responsible candidates to the Loveland City Council. I view their primary job as responsibly managing the financial business of Loveland. The citizens inWard 1 have a very experienced Candidate in Jeremy Jersvig.

Jeremy served in the Navy as a defense team leader, weapons instructor, supervised up to 150 personnel, managed projects, budgets and inventories. He was sought after as an expert in his specialties. This experience has helped prepare him for the demands of serving on the council.

After just a year and a half he was elected the chairman of the Planning Commission by his peers where he helped with the development of Create Loveland and the new development code. As chairman, he has gained experience managing public hearings and setting agendas. Jeremy is an appraiser for the County Assessor, which makes him experienced in property values and taxes and what effects values, tax formulas, TIF and government accounting practices. He has an in-depth understanding of how decisions made by council can affect the taxes we pay, our safety and the economic health of our city.

He will not need all the job training for managing the business of Loveland or to understand the purpose, limitations and responsibilities of City Council. He has said he does not want us to copy other cities, that we should keep Loveland as Loveland. I urge you to elect the very experienced Jeremy Jersvig to represent Ward 1 on Loveland City Council.

Carol Terrell Loveland

Jeremy for Loveland
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