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My name is Jeremy Jersvig and I am honored and pleased to announce my candidacy for Loveland City Council, Ward 1. After a successful career in the U.S. Navy, my family and I became enamored with the City of Loveland and chose to plant roots and raise our children in this beautiful and friendly community. Ever since, I have been working to give back to the city that has given my family so much.

The call to public service is incumbent upon all of us, whether holding an official position or simply looking out for our neighbors. For me, service is a responsibility, a duty to protect the rights of the people and work to maintain the values our community holds dear. After the Navy, I carried this sense of duty to the city by volunteering on the Planning Commission for the past three years, with the better part of two years as Chairman. I have now been encouraged to run for city council to serve our community in an even greater capacity.

Our city is growing and changing, both of which are inevitable. It is how we handle those changes that will determine our future. Will we confront them head-on, taking proactive steps to ensure the landscape remains prosperous and enjoyable, or will we simply react to things and give up control to outside interests who do not hold the same values? I am ready to tackle issues head-on, working with my fellow council members, city staff, our boards and commissions, and the people of Loveland to safeguard the future of our city not just for now, but for our children and our children’s children for decades to come.

I am Jeremy Jersvig, candidate for City Council, Ward 1. Please join me to ensure a bright and prosperous future for those who call Loveland home.


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Jeremy for Loveland
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